Ethical Investing

If you are concerned that about the type of company or sector that your money is being invested in, we can offer Ethical Investment solutions that can achieve positive returns while leaving your conscience clear.  We have tailored ethical investment solutions for clients who may want to avoid for example, tobacco companies, pharmaceuticals or arms manufacturers.

Our approach focuses on this type of investing by avoiding (or minimising) placing monies with sectors or companies that you do not feel comfortable holding.  While this approach may limit the sectors your portfolio can be invested, you can also benefit from avoiding companies with poor governance or firms that fall foul of regulators due to breaches of environmental legislation, for example.




Whether labelled sustainable, ethical or green investing, the sector continues to grow with more people conscious of the impact their money can make on the planet and wider good causes.  We can help keep your conscience clear while still aiming for positive returns through an ethical investment portfolio, so Contact Us if you have any questions.