Our Story

The Past…

Our story began on 17th October 1994 in Stonehouse, when Independent Financial Planning Ltd was founded by five directors, all of whom were advisers within the practice.

Over a period of time, three directors left to take up other interests or retire and the remaining directors of the company are John Hingston and Geoff Sztypuljak.

We are built upon a commitment to offer a bespoke service that matches each of our client’s unique requirements and, as a result, are proud of our story.

The Present…

As the name suggests, we continue to be fully Independent Financial Planners practicing in a number of aspects of financial advice.  The current team is as follows:

We also employ the services of Jessica Smith-Burrows of Reflect Paraplanning, to further enhance our offering to you.

If you would like to speak to one of the team above, our first step is an initial fact finding meeting.  This is held at our expense and at a time and place to suit you.  This ensures that we obtain a thorough understanding of your personal situation including your aims and objectives. This then results in a longer-term plan.

A financial planning process is a very rewarding experience, both for our clients and our dedicated team.  We have achieved much success in formulating financial plans over the past 23 years.  Moving forward, we are dedicated to continuing this for both existing and new clients.

The Future…

Our story continues as we grow, with new clients benefitting from our services each week.  As a result, we continue to plan ahead for our clients’ futures and enjoy seeing their long term objectives and aims being met.

IFPL prides itself on offering a lifelong relationship, reacting to your changing circumstances over time.  Consequently, there is an absolute commitment to understanding your circumstances.  First and foremost, we have your interests and objectives at the heart of what we do.

Furthermore, we are constantly updating our knowledge to react to changing legislation and tax laws to ensure that we deliver personal, appropriate advice.  We use industry leading software which helps deliver cash-flow forecasts and financial solutions. Geoff, John and Simon are retirement planning specialists each holding the advanced retirement planning qualification.  We believe that this is especially relevant in an increasingly complex area of advice.