How We Work

As a new or existing client, we like to be clear on how we work from the very first time we speak.  We pride ourselves on our friendly yet professional approach and believe the number of clients who refer us to their friends, family or colleagues speaks volumes.

As a focussed independent firm, we are not attached to any other investment house, bank, building society or insurance company.  This means we are able to provide you with advice that is impartial and appropriate for your individual circumstances.  We hope to build a long lasting professional relationship with individuals and will always have your best interests at the heart of everything we do.  Below is an outline of how we work and the expectations you may have of us an your Independent Financial Advisers.

Initial Meeting

Whether you have found us online, live locally or have been referred by a friend or colleague, we will arrange a convenient time to meet, usually at our office.  This initial meeting will be to obtain details of your current circumstances and establish whether we believe our services will be of value to you.  The meeting will be free of charge and holds no obligation – we will explain the fees involved for our services, how we work as a company and will only proceed if both parties are happy.  We place great value on getting to know you and believe this personal approach leads to happy clients!

Research and Advice

During our initial discussions, we will agree on the scope of work you would like us to undertake together with the cost of this advice.  We will use our experience and expertise to research the whole of the market to provide you with holistic solutions to your needs.  Once complete, we will provide you with a clear and concise report outlining our advice and rationale behind it.  We will ensure that you understand and are comfortable with every step of our recommendations and how we work before we proceed.


Once you are happy to proceed, we will execute our advice.  We will minimise the paperwork you have to deal with and liaise with the relevant companies to make this process as smooth as possible for you.  We will provide an update once this stage has been completed, at which point we will be paid our initial fees for this service.

Annual Review

Depending upon the nature of the advice, once your portfolio has been set up and the initial process completed, we continue to closely monitor your holdings and will provide you with any ad hoc recommendations to amend your investments, whilst taking a long-term approach to your portfolio.  We will provide you with an annual report, meeting or telephone call to discuss your portfolio, any changes in your circumstances and to reaffirm your objectives.  If you would like to meet, or discuss your portfolio more often, we would be pleased to accommodate this.

Ongoing Service

Our long term, personal approach ensures you can contact your adviser should you have a question on your portfolio.  We will be with you every step of the investing process and will proactively manage your assets to leave you with one less thing to think about.


We believe that an honest, transparent approach to charging is crucial in building a long lasting relationship and hence we clearly detail our fees prior to any chargeable work being undertaken.  We will also ensure you understand any third party charges in order that you have a true picture of the costs of any investments or advice.

We have endeavoured over the years to maintain low charges and are confident that our advice represents excellent value for money.  If you have any questions on fees at any point or how we work with you more generally, we are more than happy to discuss this.


Our company has been built upon existing clients referring their friends, family and colleagues and we continue to grow organically due to the high level of satisfaction amongst our existing clients.  We hope that you too will one day also pass on our name to friends or associates as a result of the service you have received.